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Posted On: Jul 15, 2014
 How much is Bruce Lee net worth:$ 85 million.
Bruce Lee the random celebrity is well known Chinese martial artist, structure and actor, with estimated net worth of $10 million. He managed his source of income from martial art and presenting his god gifted martial art talent in Hollywood movies. His own created movie, Way of the Dragon earned $85 million.
Bruce lee has established his career in Hollywood and it was his ego, which gave him pace to climb the height and remark as star. He was influenced and built up the ego, when he loosed the fight with local gang. Instantly, he joined the Wing Chun martial art class at the age of 13. He started to involve in street fight, realizing this fact his parents send him to America for better future. Since, his childhood he was involved in acting. His minor role movies are The Birth of Mankind and Fu GUI fun during his childhood. Reaching America he decided to teach martial art rather than doing acting. But, he cannot run from his fate. He presented his exhibition on beach which impressed William Dozier and offered for audition. According to his offer, he debuted in Number One Son but was never broadcasted. After this he also starred in TV series The Green Hornet playing the role of Kato. He impressed the Americans fighting roles like, leaping kick, flashing punches and smashing. By, 1972 he has stood himself as celebrity. His blockbuster movies were The Big Boss and Fist of Fury. The Big boss was action movie full with action martial arts making his famous across Asia. This movie earned about $2.8 million. His other movie Fist of fury more than his previous movie amounting to $3.4 million. During this period he was offered by Raymond Chow but he refused because he was busy producing own script for Way of the Dragon. Way of the Dragon which was his sole creation earned $85 million hitting the box office.

Bruce Lee the prominence star was born on 27 November, 1940 in San Francisco’s Chinatown. His birth was believed to be in perfect moment which proved the statement, great person are not made they are born. He was born to Hoi- Chuen, a forward Cantonese opera and Grace Ho, an established family. He has multiple name but better Known as Brue Lee which was supposed to be named by the doctor in the birth place. He was not only fighter but also a lover. There were rumors that he was dating Thordis Brandt and Linda Cadwell. Relating to this fact there profiles are really low. There were rumors that he was often involved in dating with them. His other girl was, Nora Miao. They also starred in various films together. It was believed that, she was also dating Bruce Lee and never admitted or denied the talk among public. On, May 10, 1973 Bruce Lee was dead at the age of 32, while working in the Golden Harvest set. He suffered from Seizures and headaches and was dead even the doctor have reduced Cerebral edema swelling before. His rumored girlfriend Nora, who has not married yet, is believed to visited Bruce Lee grave frequently.

Brue Lee, the great personality was cheated by his fate but was capable to earn fame, money and name, making his soul alive ever. It was his hard work in acting field which provided him with ultimate success in his life.